5 Reasons It's a Small World Is the Absolute WORST Ride in Disneyland

I want to preface this by saying that I truly love Disneyland. Seriously, I'm obsessed with it and think it's perfect . . . except for one thing. I seriously can't stand the It's a Small World ride in the Fantasyland area of the park. Not only does the song make my ears burn, but there's a lot of elements of it that drive me nuts.

Of course, it's a Disneyland classic and I get that. My family insists on riding it every time we visit. But I'm not the only one who feels disdain for this attraction — there are many other visitors who don't like it. Here's why it's the worst ride in the whole park.


The boats you ride in move at a glacial pace.

We're talking SO SLOW.


The ride is filled with hundreds of animatronic permanently smiling dolls that will creep you out.

Over 300 of them, to be exact.


The inside of the ride is utterly freezing.

It may be nice on a hot Summer day, but during any other time, not so much.

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Once you've listened to the song for the full eight minutes of the ride, it's stuck in your head FOREVER.

No seriously, it will not escape your brain.


If you listen as you leave, you can hear hundreds of children's voices singing "It's a Small World" from outside the attraction.

It will never leave you. Never.