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Bash Security Bug

The Security Bug That Puts Your Mac in Serious Danger

[Update: Apple created a page for Mac OS X users to download an update that protects your Mac from the Bash security bug.]

A new security vulnerability called the Bash Bug or "Shellshock" is causing widespread panic today. Security researches at Red Hat exposed the dangerous bug in the Bash shell, one of the most popular utilities in Unix-based systems, which includes Mac OS X.

Hackers can take control of the affected to device to install software or run programs remotely. Scary stuff. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do. Until Apple releases a fix to Mac OS X, you'll have to sit tight and hope you're not affected. Technically advanced users can use this Stack Exchange guide to test for the Shellshock vulnerability and patch it on their own. Many experts think this bug is much bigger than the Heartbleed discovered last April.

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