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Burger King Baby Finds Mom on Facebook

A Facebook Miracle: Abandoned Burger King Baby Finds Her Mom

The connecting power of Facebook strikes again.

Back in 1986, Katheryn Deprill was abandoned in a Burger King bathroom in Allentown, PA, when she was just a newborn. Then in early March of this year, the 27-year-old EMT created a Facebook page in the hopes of reuniting with the birth mother who had left her there. "I would love to be able to meet her, and hug her," she wrote. "I want her to know that I am not mad at her for what she did, however I have so many questions to ask her and also to start a relationship with my biological mother."

In a Facebook photo, she asked, "Please help me find her by sharing my post. Maybe she will see this."

After word spread on the social site and news outlets picked up her story, Katheryn's wish came true. She and her mom were reunited on Monday amid tears and hugs.

As the story goes, her mother was only 17 when she had Katheryn after having been raped while traveling abroad. She knew she couldn't take care of a child no matter how much she wanted to, so she kissed the baby on the forehead before she left her on the bathroom floor wrapped in a sweater.

Back at the Monday reunion, Katheryn — a married mother of three — was full of emotions and recognized her mother instantly. "It looked like I was looking in a mirror," she told ABC News.

After the meeting (which Katheryn's adoptive mother also attended), she said the two will most definitely start a relationship.

"I got the hug that I had wanted for the last 27 years, and that broke the ice," she said. "I asked if I could have it, and she said, 'absolutely,' and just held her arms open, and the rest is history."

Source: Facebook user Burger King Baby

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