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A Day in the Life of Flip Founder Kemar Newell

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Nissan

Saying that style was important to sneakerhead Kemar Newell would be an understatement. The founder of Flip owns more than 3,000 pairs of shoes, and says "kicks are [his] life." He combined his love of stylish shoes with his passion for programming to build his company, a mobile marketplace that has revolutionized the sneaker buying and selling experience.

Kemar's fashion sense isn't just a hobby — it's a part of his very being. "Style is very important to me because if there was no style there would be no me," he said. Watch the video above to find out how Kemar's style extends outside of his closet, how he built Flip from the ground up, and what motivates him to keep going on even the busiest days.

We've partnered with Nissan to highlight how several entrepreneurs put the all-new Kicks to use.

Meet the Stylish Startup Founder Fusing Tech and Fashion  originally posted on POPSUGAR Smart Living