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Don't Know What to Get People For the Holidays? Try These Genius Gift Generators

Hey, it's OK to be lazy sometimes, especially when it comes to gift-giving. Picking out the perfect presents for everyone on your list at a manageable price point can be such a pain. That's why these easy, genius gift generators were created, and you're going to want to try every single one of them.

1. Givetu

This simple but useful web app offers gift suggestions based on the person, their age, and your price range. Once you see an item, you can hit "interested" to buy it or select "what else" to get more ideas. You can choose to see suggestions randomly and not by any filters.

2. Crap-O-Matic Gift Generator

Does Crap-O-Meter sound like a joke? Yes. But it's real, it's hilarious, and it's great for white elephant gifts. Simply click on the lever, and you'll see finds like music to calm dogs and inflatable toupees, all accompanied by silly commentary. Of course, there's the option to buy now or to "share this crap."


3. Shopstyle Holiday Generator

POPSUGAR's own shopping site, Shopstyle, has a gift generator that's way more reliable and useful than Crap-O-Matic. Use it to find presents by first choosing from categories like person, article of clothing, and adjective that describes them. Your answers create a curated "store" of clothes and accessories that you can shop right away or further filter by dollar sign or sale.

4. Genius Gift Idea Generator

This one also starts like a quiz, and you have to answer questions like "Is the person 18+ or 40+?," "Are you close?," and "Is the party going to be normal or big?" However, the caveat is it won't give you a product that you can actually shop. Instead, it offers an idea, such as a "coffee cup with gift receivers name . . . Try local applied arts artist or print shop."

5. Randomly Gifted

Randomly Gifted filters by one thing and one thing only: price. Just choose your maximum amount, and it will bring up everything from clothes to jewelry to books to workout gear, but that's the only help you're going to get.

Good luck out there, shoppers!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography
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