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How to Make Your MacBook Run as Fast as When You First Got It

I once saw a parody video of "things no one ever says," and one of them was "I love buffering." How true is that? Nothing makes me more frustrated than to see that awful little hourglass or spinning rainbow wheel, letting me know my computer is taking forever to load something. Get rid of that stress in your life and keep your important files safe with tips ahead on how to make your computer run faster — and feel like new.

  1. Organize your desktop: Create folders of what you use the most, and place any documents in them. Throw anything unnecessary into the trash.
  2. Clean out the trash: People usually forget to empty their desktop trash, even though it could be a reason your computer is running so slowly. Delete it! Go through and make sure you're not losing anything important, and then clear it out for more storage space.
  3. Back up what you want to save: Whether you prefer to use the Cloud, Google Apps, or a USB, always back up pictures, files, music, and anything else that can clog up your computer. This will not only keep things safe, but it will also make your computer more of a working space and less of a storage device. Think of your computer as a desk, where you want to get work done, and not a shelf or drawer to store stuff on.
  1. Turn it off: Turn your computer off and let it rest every so often. This allows it to update and recharge.
  2. Purge all unused apps: If you don't use it, delete and do not look back. If it's been on there for years and you have never opened it, odds are you never will and it's taking up memory (RAM).
  3. Keep up with your updates: Your computer needs to undergo updates regularly for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it's to keep everything up to date or to protect it from potential malware and security bugs. Either way, update it!
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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