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How to View Your Recently Closed Tabs on an iPhone

Here's How to Pull Up Recently Closed Tabs on an iPhone


iPhones can do so much, from helping monitor our health to acting as mini scanners (crazy, right?). But one of the most helpful features of an iPhone may be the fact that it has the search engine capabilities of a computer, including recovering recently visited webpages that you may have already closed.

When you want to refer back to old webpages you pulled up on iPhone's Safari but have closed either accidentally or intentionally, there's actually a supersimple way to get them back up on your screen pronto. First, click the Safari icon on your smartphone's home screen. From here, go to the bottom right corner, where a small icon that looks like two overlapping squares will be. After you click this icon, a plus sign ("+") will appear in the bottom middle of the screen. Locate that plus sign, then press and hold for a second. A list titled "Recently Closed Tabs" will pop up. On this list, you should be able to find any recently closed Safari tabs, which you can then tap and reopen.

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