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Levitating Back to the Future Hoverboard Costume

You HAVE to See This Insane Back to the Future Costume

In celebration of Back to the Future Day, one Imgur user captured his Back to the Future Part II-inspired costume that has left us questioning the world as we know it. The costume is a spot-on replica of Marty McFly — red puffer vest and all — riding on that iconic hoverboard that was the dream of every '90s kid.

Marty McFly Riding a Hoverboard Halloween Costume

Meant to look like he is completely levitating, or hovering, the person wearing the costume is actually supporting fake legs riding the hoverboard — his real legs are behind the fake ones, camouflaged in dark clothing. This genius costume is just the latest in a string of crazy-inventive ones that make us feel like maybe a classic witch just doesn't cut it anymore.

Image Source: Imgur user natsdorf
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