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Netflix God Mode

The 1 Netflix Hack That Makes Everything Better

Source: Shutterstock

As somebody who spends an embarrassingly large chunk of my life binge-watching TV shows, let me tell you: this browser extension is about to change your entire Netflix experience. Dubbed God Mode, this bookmarklet created by web developer Renan Cakirerk allows Netflix users to bypass seemingly endless horizontal scrolling through movie options to view one large list of recommendations.

Thank goodness, because having all of your choices in one place may finally help you pick something new to stream instead of watching Gilmore Girls for the fourth time in a row. Check out the difference that God Mode makes on your desktop Netflix experience, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Here's Netflix normally:

Ugh, look at all those pesky horizontal lists! This just won't do, especially when you can play God at the push of a button.

And here's Netflix using God Mode:

So much nicer! Deciding on a show will be much easier for desktop viewers now.

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