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Satya Nadella Bio

Meet Satya Nadella, Microsoft's New Man in Charge

Satya Nadella Bio

Microsoft, the maker of the most used operating system on the planet, has a new commander in chief. His name is Satya Nadella, and he represents a changing tide as the company turns 39 this year (practically centuries in the tech industry!).

When Bill Gates founded the company, Microsoft's original mission statement was "a computer on every desk and in every home, running Microsoft software." Now, with Satya at the helm, that purpose should be reworked to read "a Windows Phone on every desk and in every home." The new Microsoft man in charge is honing in on mobile and cloud services, two technologies he believes will drive the company further into the future.

We're excited about the prospects — so we went under the hood to investigate a bit further: who is Satya Nadella? Scroll down to find out more about the supereducated, cricket-loving family man of the moment.

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