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Sony Full-Frame Camera 2014

Sony a7S: A Light-Sensitive, 4K-Capable Camera Cometh

Sony Full-Frame Camera 2014

Perfect natural lighting is a photographer's dream. But with fickle Mother Nature having her own ideas about lighting, photographers often end up fiddling with an ISO that never seems to go high enough in low-light settings. Capable of reaching an ISO of 409,600 at a quick shutter speed, the 35mm full-frame image sensor of Sony's new a7S camera seems more likely to be found in a camera twice its size than this palm-sized reveal.

In addition to sharp images in dark environments, the a7S can produce 4K video — with a bit of a catch. The camera can record full HD video to an inserted memory card no problem, but for 4K shoots, you'll have to connect a third-party recorder through the camera's HDMI port. So, yeah, that's another accessory to buy and tote around if shooting in 4K is an absolute must.

For a look at how the a7S's high ISO performs in dark situations, watch the Sony video below, which was shot on the camera. You'll see the camera transition from bright, outdoor shots to a candlelit room with little noise interrupting the shot.

Pricing and availability for the a7S haven't been announced, but seeing as its sister camera, the a7, starts at $1,700, a price point well beyond that can be expected.

Source: Sony

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