17 Photos of Human Kindness That'll Turn You Into a Puddle of Mush

It may be hard to believe, but Instagram isn't just full of selfies and party photos. Searching hashtags like #payitforward and #actofkindness will lead you to a whole 'nother world that'll make you feel fuzzy inside. Ahead, check out the most moving photos of people being kind to one another — filter or no filter. Source: Instagram

Instagram | melandthensome

"My co-worker, Cathy, moved to Flagstaff two years ago, and in order to do so, she sold everything she owned, including her two guitars. Today, two of the boys from garden brought this guitar in for her, bringing her to tears. If this doesn't restore your faith in humanity, I don't know what will."

Instagram | kmt_modish

"Act of kindness. These men meet every day for lunch. One reads to another who cannot read."

Instagram | kwallschlaeger

"We found this at our door when we got home tonight . . . Nicest thing ever!"

Instagram | eckleberry

"This lovely man I've never met before ran behind me for about 2km this morning, encouraging me to keep going every time I dropped my pace. Then he sprinted past me at the finish."

Instagram | whatupmo

"My very first table today had a check split three ways, tip totaling $100 . . . whoever you guys were please come back and ask for me!!! Not even lying when I say I'm buying their meals if I ever see them again."

Instagram | jaimemiller

"A patient's family came in this evening to give all 80+ patients each some roses. It meant the world to so many of them."

Instagram | dpleacoff

"I witnessed a random act of kindness today. She picked him up and fixed him."

Instagram | jessd613

"A random act of kindness, a stranger paid for my lunch today."

Instagram | johnfanatic

"Someone left a cart of soup at Food 4 Less . . . doing good for their fellow mankind."

Instagram | nayelifit

"This lady was stuck in an elevator with some college students back in April. She said, 'I am unable to stand for long periods of time.' Cesar immediately became a human chair for her so she could sit until the elevator started back up again. Would you have done the same?"

Instagram | thatgirlstylist

"And why is Christian the greatest guy we know? Because he stops to change a flat for a random stranger :)"

Instagram | nannamenzie

"Some time ago I was admiring a bunch of roses I had just taken a photo of at the supermarket checkout — got chatting to the lady in front of me in the queue telling her I only take pics of them 'cos the $16 price tag excludes me from owning them etc. She purchased her groceries plus a bunch of roses . . . Then turned to me — gave the roses to me with her passing words, 'Enjoy the rest of your day!' That was an act of kindness I will remember forever!"

Instagram | trentonk_smith

"So $20 won't do much for the damage this dude with a Mustang did to my car, but at least he found me after he ran when he hit me last Friday."

Instagram | eatatthebridge

"Then this happened."

Instagram | klj_04

"There are still good people in this world! "

Instagram | dreamies

"#kindness is when you see a frail elderly crossing the road by herself, you went towards [her, and] let her count on you."