This Flying Car Is Better Than Anything the Jetsons Imagined

Nice wheels? More like, nice wings. Remember when you would watch The Jetsons and wish that you could zoom off in your flying car like it's no big deal? Well, it looks like your futuristic dream is going to be a here-and-now reality. According to the Slovakian company AeroMobil, the company's designers and engineers have been at work developing a flying car since 1990 — it can fly 430 miles on one tank of gas. When set into car mode with the wings folded down, an AeroMobil can fit into a standard parking space.

Watch the car soar in the video at the end of the slideshow. How's that for a convenient commute?

The AeroMobil combines the performance of a sports car with qualities of an ultralight plane.

The flying car is accustomed to road traffic, but it can also take off and land at any airport as well.

The car can fit a total of two people in both road and air modes.

The car's framework is comprised of steel and carbon coating.

Here's a breakdown of the meticulous design details and features.

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Watch the AeroMobil fly!