Like Any #AppleEvent Tweet on Twitter to Activate This Cute Lil' Apple Animation

It's the little things, ya know? Like when your ice cream has the perfect amount of chocolate sprinkles or the temperature hits just right. Oddly enough, this Twitter animation evoked the same reaction from me, and I don't know whether to be embarrassed or to full-on embrace my affinity for it.

If you "like" any tweet with the hashtag #AppleEvent on Twitter, it will play a little Apple animation for you in the event's honor. It's pretty cool, actually, and has admittedly made me like some random tweets that I otherwise wouldn't — but that's the name of the game, baby! (And a pretty genius marketing move, if you ask us.) If you're interested in playing this neat animation for yourself, go ahead and like a tweet hashtagged #AppleEvent to watch the magic happen! You can practice on ours if you want. Now excuse us, we have some more likin' to get to.