Apple's Next Big Announcements Have Leaked

POPSUGAR Photography | Jae Payne
POPSUGAR Photography | Jae Payne

With Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote approaching, details have leaked about what new software features and updates the company will unveil. New articles from 9to5Mac, which has been accurate in the past about similar rumors, reports that we can expect these five announcements.

  • iOS 9 — The new operating system updates will focus on improving current functions, include a more colorful Siri that resembles the Apple Watch version, and offer new wallpaper made up of blue and green colors. It will also move away from the "Helvetica Neue" font and instead use the "San Francisco" font currently seen on the Apple Watch.
  • Support of older Apple Products — If you use an iPhone 4S or an iPad mini, get ready to jump in your seat. Apple's latest iOS update won't slow down old phones like it currently does, as the company "has restructured it's software engineering process to better support older hardware."
  • Apple Maps update — Mass transit directions will finally arrive to the app, perhaps finally enticing people to start using it.
  • iTunes Radio — Announced two years ago at WWDC, iTunes Radio is finally expected to launch in more countries. As of now, it only works in the US and Australia. There will also reportedly be a paid version of the service that includes unlimited skipping.
  • Beats — Though rumors speculate that a new version of the Beats app won't be released till late June, the updates to the app are expected to be revealed at WWDC. The new Beats app will reportedly let existing users bring in their old accounts, allow for offline listening, and include "curated playlists." It will also cost $10 a month.

You can expect even more news when the conference takes place from June 8-12. Here's hoping scarf guy returns.