13 Arthur Memes That Will Make You Rethink Your Entire Childhood

Rule number one of the internet: anything innocent won't stay that way for too long. That's the case of the Arthur meme, where people are using screenshots from the show and applying it to today's world.

The meme really applies to anything in your life. Find any photo from Arthur and put a caption about your life with it. As you scroll through the various memes created, you'll realize that you, Arthur, D.W., Buster, and everyone else share a lot more angst than you thought.

These memes definitely goes hand in hand with the Arthur fist meme, which is mostly used to only show moments of anguish and anger. Look ahead to see some of our favorite Arthur memes and don't feel too bad about what the internet has done with a beloved children show.


When you see things at parties you can't unsee.


When you know you should start trusting people more.


When you have more money than you thought.


When you accidentally let one loose.


When you know what your style is actually like.


When you spend your day at work thinking about snacks at home.


When someone thinks they can roast you.


When you never let another meme die.


When the rain comes and you feel very emotional.


When you hope your true intentions for dating don't come out.


When Beyoncé speaks to all your problems.


When your parents find out what the Arthur memes are.