Here Is Benedict Cumberbatch Photoshopped With Cats

Another week, another set of amazing photos on Imgur, the picture-hosting website full of Internet gold. Ahead, we bring you the best images that will makes you feel all the feelings — yep, get ready to laugh, tear up, and share with your friends. Huzzah! Source: Imgur user OwlForTheNight

"My buddy's fake ID. Used to get into 18+ shows in the early 90s." Source: Reddit user Philkolons via Imgur

"This is my cousin's cat being spoon-fed ice cream. This cat is a ridiculous animal." Source: Reddit user NoGoddamnNamesLeft via Imgur

"Girlfriend found this while reconnecting to her WiFi ." Source: Reddit user gingerianfalcon via Imgur

"Because that’s what Photoshop was made for." There's more where that came from. Source: Imgur user OwlForTheNight

"A hare with flair." Source: Reddit user antihero17 via Imgur

"F*ck it." Source: Reddit user leparr via Imgur

"My sister lost her phone at a bar. This is what my mom sent her when she asked for a replacement." Source: Reddit user heaverdini via Imgur

"Friend gave her dog an empty peanut butter jar last night and he shared it with his stuffed puppy." Source: Reddit user StarryEyedLepus via Imgur

"After years and years of working hard and saving almost all of my money, I'm able to take this picture celebrating that I finally bought a digital camera." Source: Reddit user lucasavancini via Imgur

"Before my mom leaves the house, she sets up the kindle so the cat can watch bird videos in bed." Source: Reddit user tribearatops via Imgur

"I'm in the same boat." Source: Imgur user idontevenknowwhatiamdoinghere

"I just bought the angriest goldfish of all time." Source: Reddit user brovanz via Imgur

"I see your angry goldfish and raise you my evil Hitler goldfish." Source: Reddit user LoganTurk via Imgur

"Just in case I needed confirmation that I was at the right place for the five year old's birthday party." Source: Reddit user rearden-steel via Imgur

"Maybe I should take up bowling . . . " Source: Reddit user drewdovoodoo via Imgur

"God damn it Woolworths . . ." Source: Reddit user Sowhynot1 via Imgur

"I've always called it the candy aisle, but this works too . . ." Source: Reddit user zqillini4 via Imgur