41 of the Most Glorious Photos the Internet Ever Saw

Imgur is a magical place, and just because you don't have time to browse the photo-sharing site all day doesn't mean you should miss out on Internet gold. Ahead, some of the platform's popular photos (plus the captions just as they were written), from the hilarious to the heartwarming.Source: Reddit user Not_A_Greenhouse via Imgur

"You have most of my heart." Source: Reddit user damnitjohn via Imgur

"Monty, the cat without a nasal bone." Source: Imgur user clauzenberger

"Was making burgers for dinner, and made this without realising. I'm not even American." Source: Reddit user macnicool via Imgur

"Best wheels ever." Source: Reddit user X3FBrian via Imgur

"Ummm someone stole my shoe . . ." Source: Imgur user deckpumps_n_deldos

"In a Michaels Craft Store" Source: Reddit user lovinglogs via Imgur

"The best hangover note I've ever read." Source: Reddit user cheeseburgercat via Imgur

"Hay what's up?" Source: Reddit user ThraShErDDoS via Imgur

This story: "I lost my license about a week ago. Today, I received this in the mail. Needless to say, he will be receiving a reward." Source: Reddit user evel1biscuit via Imgur

And then an update!

"A couple of days ago I got my license returned to me in the mail, along with a letter from a young boy. Here is how our meeting went!" Source: Reddit user level1biscuit via Imgur

"My wife is a teacher and accidentally left the back door of her classroom open last night. She found this in the morning." Source: Reddit user danth via Imgur

"Aye Tina" Source: Imgur user imnotthedoctor

"This is the pikachu bus. It picks up children for school on my Air Force base." Source: Reddit user Not_A_Greenhouse via Imgur

"The difference 25 years makes" Source: Reddit user grapeapeking23 via Imgur

"Fluffiest pounce ever." Source: Reddit user yall_cray via Imgur

"Found this on my shirt" Source: Reddit user cjnewzealand via Imgur

"Caught this guy walking around in London earlier." Source: Reddit user LethalJizzle via Imgur

"Came across this picture on my FB feed." Source: Reddit user sking301 via Imgur

"Brew am I to disagree?" Source: Reddit user plasmicmac via Imgur

"The Nicolas Cage prank." Source: Imgur user Timbo57

"Seen on a college campus." Source: Reddit user thatonegirl435 via Imgur

"Banana peel wet floor signs." Source: Reddit user ShutUpLori via Imgur

"So I introduced my cat to popsicles." Source: Imgur user Rypley

"My Lego Quidditch Aquarium at my Office." Source: Reddit user kst8er via Imgur

"This is Carter. He knocked on my door to ask if he could have a banana then left."

Many memes followed. Source: Imgur

"This (almost) made shopping worth it." Source: Reddit user The_Doctor_Professor via Imgur

"There are two kinds of people." Source: Reddit user mattman23 via Imgur

"Well, this is just bad news for everyone." Source: Reddit user Kholby via Imgur

"My best friend's son, watching old school Ninja Turtles and just being 5." Source: Reddit user curious_void via Imgur

"Dog lay just right on my new blanket." Source: Reddit user undonk2013 via Imgur

"Kids these days . . . " Source: Imgur user bkoo

"Just me at 12, taking a road trip with my parents and apparently their sense of humor." Source: Reddit user catword

"Recently got moved to a new office, this sign is glued to wall." Source: Reddit user Pringle-King

"Welcoming the tulips." Source: Reddit user Sum_Bitch via Imgur