The Best Apps to Predict Wet and Wild Weather

Today's forecast? App-y. Weather apps are a dime a dozen — in fact, one comes standard with all phones! But we've sifted through the muck and found mobile iOS apps with beautiful interfaces that'll tell you when the rains are coming and how long it's here to stay.

From highly detailed weather reports to truly minimalist forecasts, we've got the right download for your iOS device. Whether you're planning for a trip or just the day ahead, here are six of the best weather apps to keep you on top of the latest meteorological conditions.

  • Yahoo! Weather (free) — Yahoo! is back on the Internet with a vengeance. The weather app recently won Apple's 2013 Design Award, and for good reason. The app pulls in location-specific photos from Flickr, as well as interactive radar, satellite, heat, wind, and sunrise/sunset times.
  • Today Weather ($2) — This app is our favorite, with tons of info to satisfy weather geeks and an elegant, easy-to-use interface. View a highs/lows weekly forecast, a detailed hour-by-hour daily report with sunset times, or a dashboard with multiple locations. The app also pulls severe weather reports from national weather agencies.
  • Clear Day ($3) — Real-time animated NOAA radar comes alive with 3D weather maps and amazing high-definition video.
  • Solar: Weather (Free) — In the beauty department, this app beats the rest. It uses an ombré background to show the day's weather and temperature. But the best part about Solar is the integrated gestures: pinch to view multiple locations, and swipe up or down to see one- or three-day forecasts.
  • Vycloud ($1) — Fun animations make this app sparkle, but it's packed with tons of info, too. Vycloud tells you humidity, wind speed, cloud cover, barometric pressure, and more, in addition to the basics.
  • Dark Sky ($4) — Rain, rain, go away! Dark Sky specializes in precipitation and creates custom forecasts based on precise location and gives minute-to-minute predictions. The latest update added push notifications that send an alert if you're in the path of a storm.