Bill Nye's Tips on Taking the Perfect Selfie

Try not to freak out: everyone's favorite childhood scientist took to Reddit this week to answer the web's burning questions. That's right: Bill Nye is back with a new book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, which hit stores today. The science guy addressed everything from the art of a perfect selfie to his new movie. Check out some of our favorite questions and answers from the AMA below.

In your opinion, what is the most important discovery in the last 10 years?
"That the universe is not slowing down in its expansion, it's accelerating. And, do you know why? NOBODY KNOWS WHY!"

Would you ever entertain doing the Reading Rainbow and reviving Bill Nye, the Science Guy online for a new generation to learn from you?
"I'd do Reading Rainbow anytime! LeVar Burton is an acquaintance of mine. And I'm always looking for a new TV show."

What are your thoughts on Epic Rap Battle's Bill Nye VS Sir Isaac Newton? Who won?
"Let's face it, I won. He's only Isaac Newton."

You have inspired many children to see the fun in learning about science for many years now. What do you feel is next for the world of edutainment?
"My movie! My movie. It's about a historical figure who changed the world by teaching himself mathematics. I'm very excited to share his story with the world, and the deal is pending so I can't talk too much more about it. But that's what I want to do next, and that will be edutainment."

I'm a big fan of your ride at Epcot, though it's a bit dated. If you could go back and update it, what would you change about it?
"I would emphasize climate change distinctly. The sponsors on that ride were quite nervous about it 20 years ago."

What major scientific discovery from before living memory do you wish you had witnessed or been a part of?
"As intriguing as that sounds, I would prefer to be part of the next scientific discovery, which I hope involves low-energy desalinization of water, better batteries, or the true nature of dark energy and dark matter."

What's your favorite planet?
"Earth. Earth is my favorite planet. All my friends are here, and I stay here for the air."

Hi Bill! Is there an art form to taking a great selfie?

  • "Seek the best source of light available to you.
  • "Hold it slightly above your eyeline so your eyelids don't look closed.
  • "If you own an iPhone, the volume buttons take the picture: you can do it with one hand."

If there will be a second season to Cosmos, would you like to be the host if Neil deGrasse Tyson steps down?
"I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Why would Neil step down? Neil's a dear friend of mine, so we'd have to take a meeting."

Aside from science, what is your favorite subject?
"Swing Dancing."

Do you know about the Reddit Secret Santa? And if so, are you participating? Imagine getting a present from Bill Nye.
"Well, what people need is to subscribe to my Quarterly box! Subscribe to my Quarterly Box to honor Isaac Newton's birthday. And yes! I'll do it."

Mr. Nye, I grew up watching your shows, and your bow ties have greatly influenced my choice in neckwear. Do you have a favorite bow tie?
"You know, you can't have a favorite bow tie! You find the right bow tie for the right occasion for the right company (the people you're with). That is the art of clothing. We are very fortunate to be living in a time when so many of us can afford a wardrobe."