Pass the Popcorn! A Blockbuster Party Game Exists For Your Next Nostalgic Game Night

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Please raise your hand if you remember the days of renting a movie from your local Blockbuster. Long before Netflix and chill or Hulu binges, movie-lovers had to drive (yes, drive) to a movie rental location to pick up a VHS or DVD covered in that familiar plastic packaging — you know the one. While those days may be far gone, there's now a Blockbuster party game ($20) you can play to revel in those nostalgic feelings. So, when's the next game night?

Don't worry about your level of expertise — both casual cinema fans and serious film buffs can participate in the Blockbuster party game. The nostalgia-heavy activity includes a board modeled after a Blockbuster parking lot, prompt cards, and, yes, an iconic VHS case of your very own. Play with four to 12 individuals, and act, quote, and describe your way through a wide selection of classic movies. If this sparks your pop-culture interests, shop the game ahead — and don't forget to be kind and rewind.