Build Lego Masterpieces Around the World With Just a Click

Get ready for a whole lotta distraction. As of yesterday, you can now build Lego structures on any plot of land in the whole wide world. Want to make a killer creation next to the Eiffel Tower? Done. On a random avenue in Morocco? You got it.

Thanks to the Build With Chrome project — a collaboration between Chrome and the Lego Group — you can let your imagination run wild on any desktop or mobile device with just a few clicks. All you need to do is head to the project website, choose your preferred location from a map, and start building with various brick colors and shapes by either clicking from a keyboard or dragging from a phone or tablet.

click to play video

Turns out the idea was originally brought to life by a team in Australia as an experiment using a 3D graphics technology (crikey!) before it spread to the rest of us.

What makes the whole thing even more fun is that you can sign in with a Google+ account to see the creations other people in your circles have created — and, of course, show off your own masterpieces.

Your 5-year-old self would be so proud.