You Can Easily Unsend Instagram DMs, So Our Stress Levels Just Went Way Down

Ever slide into someone's Instagram DMs only to immediately regret it? Or maybe send a message to the wrong person by accident? We feel your pain and are here to share some very good news: you can unsend Instagram messages.

Whether you send someone a direct message or comment on one of their Instagram stories, it can easily be undone. After the message has sent, all you need to do is do a long hold press on the message until a bubble pops up that says "Copy" or "Unsend." Tap "Unsend" and it will no longer be visible to you or the person you sent it to. And one thing to note is you can unsend messages before or after they've been read.

So, next time you send something to the wrong person or regret telling your crush you like them, don't stress! Just unsend right away, and you'll be in the clear.