12 Cell Phones From the Early 2000s That'll Make You Miss the Good Old Days

The early 2000s were a golden era for cell phones. We might not have had anywhere near the amount on offer as we do now, but every new phone release felt exciting and special. There were a lot of phone options to choose from (they all looked different!), phone cases and accessories to buy, and games of Snake to play. And while we all have shiny new smartphones that let us access the internet (and just about anything else) with the touch of our finger nowadays, let's be honest, you'll never love a phone more than your first one. The one that had a tiny screen, stayed almost fully charged for a whole week, and you needed two hands to hold as it was so heavy. Take a trip down memory lane and keep reading for 12 old school cell phones that you'll kinda wish were still around (Sidekicks forever!).


Nokia 3310

If there was a Hollywood Walk of Fame for phones, this would have a star right in the middle. This iconic phone might not have been conventionally beautiful, but it was probably by your side for years. And we literally mean years, because the thing was nearly indestructible. Thank you 3310 for being in our lives and for bringing us Snake, the greatest game ever.


T-Mobile Sidekick

The true mascot of the early 2000s was the T-Mobile Sidekick (and if you had a bedazzled one like Paris Hilton, you were really crushing it). The phone let you go on the internet and IM people, and the fun sound it made when you flipped out the screen? Addicting.


Motorola Razr

Never has dropping a vowel from a word seemed so unbelievably cool. The Motorola Razr was sleek, light, and shiny. It also had colored handset options to choose from. You think millennial pink is popular now, but it will never reach the dizzying heights of Razr pink.


Motorola Rokr E1

This phone may have been clunky and not great on the eyes, but it was the first ever iTunes phone. Let that sink in — it was a phone and it let you listen to your music. I mean, who would have thought it was possible?


BlackBerry 7230

Do you remember the thrill you got when that little red light flashed at the top of your BlackBerry? Is it making you sweat now just thinking about it? This was the first phone to encourage us to use it all day, every day, even earning the nickname "Crackberry." It was a fun time.



Ah, the original. Should we be thankful for its existence and how it changed cell phones and our lives forever? Depending on your relationship and reliance with your current cell phone, we'll let you make that decision on your own.


Sony Ericsson W800i

This was the first Sony phone to use the Walkman brand, which was great news for those who had only just gotten rid of our Walkmans a few years earlier and were craving the "good old days" of portable music already.


Samsung T100

Did anything feel better than being able to end a call by dramatically slamming shut your flip phone? Can we start a petition to bring these back?


Nokia N95

It was a phone that slid up and down and you had to hold it with your two hands at all times because it was so heavy, but it had an actual camera in it, so all was forgiven.


Nokia 6310i

Anyone who missed out on the glorious 3310 probably got the 6310i. It was a bigger phone, but it had snake and that's all that truly mattered in 2002.


Samsung SGH D500

This teeny phone slid down to reveal teeny buttons, but it's selling point was its big and colorful screen, which was great for reading your black and white text messages on.


Motorola Pebl

In 2005, Motorola came at us again with the cool phone names with missing letters. The Pebl was given it's name because, wait for it, it was shaped like an actual pebble. We know, we need to stop blowing your mind with these facts.