Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos Ushers In a New Space Age

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is all dressed up in his suit and (space) tie because his new show, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey, is ready to hit primetime.

In March, the modern-day reimagination of Cosmos will air Sundays on Fox, and, in a new profile in Parade Magazine, Neil said that he wants the program to "get inside your skin . . . I want you to be so affected that the world looks completely different."

Source: Parade

It's been 33 years since Carl Sagan's original science education series aired on PBS, but space, according to Neil, is back in the social consciousness with movies like Gravity breaking box office records and earning award nods.

"Artists have come to embrace science in ways I've never seen before. That's how you know science has become mainstream," the astrophysicist told Parade. "That gives me great hope that Cosmos will land on hugely fertile ground, possibly transforming how we think about science as a driver of our future."

The program will be hosted by Neil, the Internet's favorite astrophysicist, and feature stunning, true-to-science special effects. As the trailer shows, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey will have Gravity-esque, heart-thumping visuals alongside Dr. Tyson's expert narration.

At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Neil said the original show "wasn't simply opening up science books and teaching pages ripped from it . . . It spent time learning, exploring how to make science matter to you as a human being, as a citizen, as a species with a capacity to reflect upon its own existence."