This Woman Met Not 1, But 2 Doppelgängers Who Look Freakily Like Her

Update: Niamh Geaney found another woman who looks just like her, this time in Italy. What are the chances? Apparently much greater than we think. Check out their sweet interaction:

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Original story:
How'd you react if you saw your dopplegänger in person? Probably freak out? That's what happened last weekend when 26-year-old Niamh Geaney met her look-alike, 29-year-old Karen Branigan, and captured it on video. It's all part of a project called Twin Strangers, which Geaney started with two other friends to find their dopplegängers from around the world. Geaney met Branigan in just two weeks after putting a call to action via social media. Turns out, the two live just an hour away from one another in Ireland.

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"I haven't stopped looking at you because it's weird," says Geaney in the video. "It's really, really weird." And just wait until you see them try out the same makeup and hair looks. They legitimately look like twins.

Geaney's friends have until the end of the month to see if they can find a dopplegänger as good as Geaney's. If they do, it's up to you to vote and see who wins the look-alike contest — but so far, it seems like they have no chance.