People on TikTok Are Projecting Fake Windows Onto Their Bedroom Walls, and It's So Soothing

Apologies to all the real windows out there — no disrespect, love your work — but fake windows are having a real moment over on TikTok.

Earlier in March, @nam__p shared a video that read, "How to use your projector the correct way." In it, he set up the projector against a blank wall and displayed various aesthetically pleasing visuals, like fish swimming, a clock, and a tropical rain shower from the other side of a window. The last one in particular got quite the response in the comments, so the TikTok user improved upon the trend exclusively using window visuals. From there, the Fake Window Challenge commenced.

Much like that, uh, nature cereal recipe, this TikTok trend is pretty easy to re-create. Simply procure a projector (one user recommended this especially compact option), set it up against a blank wall, turn off the lights, and sync up the projector to the YouTube video of your choosing. There's that popular 10-hour tropical storm video, as well as a mountain view video and, of course, a Hogwarts option.

Enjoy the TikToks ahead to see several different takes on the Fake Window Challenge.