Apple's New Gender-Neutral Emoji Are Here to Make Your Keyboard More Inclusive

Your iPhone keyboard is about to get a whole lot more diverse, thanks to Apple's new iOS 13.2 software. The update boasts a whole host of inclusive emoji, including couples and families with different skin tones and tons of gender-neutral variations of existing human characters. Now situated alongside the male and female emoji options for characters like the fairy, cyclist, and vampire, these inclusive emoji mostly feature short hairstyles, and many are sporting gray clothing.

In addition to these new gender-neutral options, Apple's iOS 13.2 also offers emoji to represent those with disabilities, including characters with wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, hearing aids, and guide dogs. Other "it's-about-damn-time" additions include a blood drop emoji that's a nod to periods, as well as a sloth, garlic, and an onion.