1 Woman Followed a Faulty GPS Route Only to End Up Submerged in a Lake

We often rely on our GPS to take us to destinations near and far but hardly ever to take our vehicle straight into a lake. But that is exactly what happened to one woman from Ontario, Canada, on May 12, when she followed inaccurate directions from her GPS. The driver (who wishes to remain unidentified) was following a route on a foggy night when her GPS tracker led her down a boat ramp and into the Georgian Bay.

Thankfully, the woman was able to roll down her window and swim out of her sinking car to safety, while her vehicle sank and ended up completely submerged at the bottom of the bay, reports the Toronto Sun. We are happy to hear that the driver is safe and in good spirits following her freak accident, but her unfortunate experience is a scary reminder that while technology can make life more convenient, it can also cause unwanted (and scary!) problems. You can see photos of the car below.