DO NOT Generalize the Hogwarts Houses or You WILL Get Words From This 1 Fan

For many Harry Potter fans, figuring out which Hogwarts house they belong to is sacred. And while some feel they don't belong in a single house, others can get upset by which house they're placed in. Considering some houses get a bad rap, it makes total sense that not everyone would be 100 percent happy with their result. That's why Tumblr user heartbeat-of-a-timelord-holmes wrote an epic rant asking people to stop overgeneralizing Hogwarts houses.

In the Tumblr post, the person breaks down how people don't always meet every single criterion that a house has. More importantly, those characteristics don't apply to every single person. They end their post stating, "We can be sorted but no more than that. You can group us by what we care about the most but the manner in which we love those things is down to each and every person." Read it all below.

Pretty epic, right? This is one Harry Potter fan you shouldn't mess with — they'll probably school you with facts and feelings about it.