Snapchat Just Made It SO Much Easier to Create a Custom Filter

One of the best aspects of Snapchat is discovering its best features along the way. A favorite among users is definitely the geofilter, which unlocks according to which city you're in. A few months ago, the company started allowing anyone to create a filter, and now, it's become even easier with ready-made templates anyone can use.

Snapchat first introduced its on-demand geofilter in February, allowing all users — not just the selected few whose art submissions get approved — to design their own geofilters for a specific time frame and location. This feature is ideal for weddings, events, birthday parties, and businesses, which were not eligible to submit geofilters previously.

If your design submission meets Snapchat's guidelines, you can upload it online and select the time and "geofence" (either the venue or location radius you'd like covered) it can be accessible for. It will then get reviewed for approval within one business day. The fee for customizing a geofilter starts at $5 and varies depending on the duration (max is 30 days) and location range (from 20,000 to 5 million square feet), according to Business Insider.

Beginning Aug. 30, Snapchat now has templates ready for you to tinker with online. You can choose from the following ones: birthdays, celebrations, and weddings. You'll then see six different filters that you can customize with color and other text. So basically, if you're ever celebrating something, you have zero excuses not to create a filter. You can see what the birthday option looks like below.

While many have yet to utilize the app to its full potential, we can see how this personalization can get everyone involved. Check out the video ahead to get an idea of how this feature works. It might just be what your next party needs.