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Instagram Is Beta Testing Subtitles For Stories

Instagram Is Testing Out Automated Captions on IGS, Which Is Huge News For the Deaf Community

Instagram is testing out a feature that adds auto-generated captions to its Stories, which will allow creators to reach a whole new audience โ€” including those with hearing disabilities. The beta test, which appears to have been rolled out to a select number of users, shows the captions working like a sticker. You simply tap the "captions" sticker, and it will transcribe the audio of your video into synchronized text. The format is similar to Instagram's music lyrics tool and even offers the same four font options. From the looks of what users with the function have shared so far, it doesn't appear that the transcription process is 100 percent accurate, but the kinks could be solved before the tool is officially rolled out, which will hopefully be in the coming months (no word yet from Instagram on an official launch date).

Last September, Instagram rolled out an auto-captioning feature to its IGTV videos that allowed users to caption their videos in up to 16 different languages. While nothing is confirmed, we suspect that its Story captions would fall along these same lines.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a way to add subtitles to your Instagram videos (which will up your engagement, as your videos will be more accessible), there are plenty of apps on the market that will do so. MixCaptions, Subtitles, and Captions are a few user-friendly apps to start off with. Additionally, there's Instagram Threads, which will automatically create subtitles for your videos that can be saved to your camera roll and uploaded to your Instagram Stories.

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