I Tried the How Bad Is Your Spotify Test, and It Totally Roasted Me

We all think we have great music taste, but leave it to a cheeky artificial intelligence tool to have the guts to tell you otherwise. While your friends might love the tracks you show them, this AI tool by The Pudding (a digital publication) keeps it real by going through your liked songs and most listened to artists. The AI will throw out some interesting comments while it's analyzing your music like, "did you go to Coachella?" and "u okay?" to which it gives you a chance to respond — it's interactive! My result was "came-in-like-a-wrecking-ball-wear-carhartts-to-your-desk-job-dula-peep bad," whatever that means. It also tells you your most-listened to tracks, the artists you "stan to an uncomfortable extent" and a "basic percentage" (apparently I'm 22 percent basic). If you're brave enough to try this harsh test out for yourself, here's how you do it:

How to Do the How Bad Is Your Spotify Test

  • Head to The Pudding's website
  • Log in with your Spotify (it promises to only evaluate your library and not post anything)
  • Sit back, interact with the AI, and see your results

Once you're done, feel free to revoke The Pudding's access to your account. You can do this in your Spotify's settings or follow the link to do so at the end of the test. Now, what are you waiting for? We can't wait to hear your results.