TikTok Users Are Facing Shocking Realities After Using the App's Inverted Filter

We've grown up our whole lives looking at ourselves in the mirror, and nowadays, the front camera of our phones. But did you know that both your mirror and front camera show a reversed image of yourself that's different than how you appear to others? Truth is, we have a slightly altered view of how we see ourselves in comparison to how others see us, and if you want a reality check, head on over to TikTok. The app is offering an inverted filter, so you can get a true view of what you look like, and users are finding it's weirder than you'd think.

How to Use TikTok's Inverted Filter

  1. Open the TikTok app and press the "+" to record a video.
  2. Tap the "effects" icon that lies to the left of the camera recorder.
  3. Toggle to "trending" and tap the icon that is two light blue arrows.
  4. Ta-da! Your face is inverted.

put the inverted filter on without telling your friend. @_chynabrown ##inverted ##fyp

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