This Video About "Instagram Husbands" Who Snap Pics of Their Wives Is Hilarious

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Behind every flawless Instagram picture, there's a man who gave blood, sweat, and tears to make it perfect. That's the idea in the hilarious video above, which is part of Instagram Husband, a website dedicated to men who are sick and tired of being the designated Instagram photographer. The site is run by comedy group The Mystery Hour and different resources include "Symptoms," "Receive Help," and "Approaching Your Wife."

Under the "Symptoms" tab, you can answer 10 questions that will dictate a score correlating to Instagram Friend all the way up to Instagram Husband. The site also offers treatment options, support groups, and even spiritual practices, all of which we wish were real. One of the site's suggestions for approaching the Instagram Wife states: "She will want to take a picture of this poignant moment. Now is the chance to use your new boldness. Say, 'No. Honey, no.' This will be difficult, but stay strong." Ha!

Consider it a safe haven for the struggling husbands of Instagram Wives, a place for fed-up men who want to do more than make their wives look good on social media. Keep reading to see hilarious Tumblr photos that are bringing these men together and letting them know they're not alone.