Lady Gaga Jumped off the Roof to Start Her Super Bowl Show and the Internet Can't Handle It

After weeks of anticipation, Lady Gaga's performance at the Super Bowl came, went, and was absolutely amazing. She sang some of her greatest hits and, in case you missed it, started her performance by jumping off the rooftop of the stadium. And if that wasn't enough, she jumped off the stage at the end of her performance! Naturally, the internet could not handle it and immediately started to make memes about it. Check out some of the best ones ahead.

He's got a point.

This is the only way to slide into anything.

Too real.

People definitely watched Gaga's jump and could only think about action movies.

Others just saw new life goals.

Some parents were not amused.

But really, we could learn something from Gaga's performance.

We totally agree with Katy.