These Brand-New Lisa Frank Phone Cases Are Giving Us All Sorts of '90s Back-to-School Vibes

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The joys of back-to-school shopping don't have to stop once you're an adult. Sure, you might work a 9-to-5 now, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the same buzz of new Fall products, like Casteify's Lisa Frank phone cases and tech accessories.

This collaboration captures the same nostalgia we felt looking for folders and pencil cases back in our middle school days. The collection includes phone cases, vegan leather Apple Watch Bands, wireless charging pads, phone ring holders, vegan leather pockets, iPad cases, and more, with the signature bright colors and adorable animals that diehard Lisa Frank fans love. We've got our eye on the composition notebook design in particular — how cute!

Keep reading to see a selection of Casteify's new Lisa Frank phone cases, and enjoy all the '90s vibes.