YOU GUYS — These New NASA Photos Will Have You Believing in Aliens

NASA tweeted new photos of Ceres, and the strange bright spot on the dwarf planet has us like WHAT IS HAPPENING DO ALIENS EXIST. But don't call Mulder and Scully just yet. According to NASA, this bright area, located in the "mysterious" Occator crater (NASA's official description!), is just sodium carbonate . . . so, you know, salt.

But people aren't buying the official explanation because, aliens, obviously.

@cosmorade @NASA True ,there is a Alien Metropolis on that planet.

— Clorox Energy Drink (@Real_KingVenom) June 29, 2016

Then there's always the Star Wars explanation.

@NASA how many smugglers are frozen in that carbonate?

— Some kinda rando (@ParSpec) June 29, 2016

We have to admit, it's got us intrigued! See a very cool close-up enhanced shot of the spot below:

Twitter | NASA