"Old Man Search" Is the Funniest Twitter Account, and This Is Why

We already know: grandparents are hilarious. One Twitter account, @oldmansearch, is just more evidence that our elders are the funniest people we'll ever know. The comedy really comes through when grandparents and tech meet.

So one man started teaching his 83-year-old dad how to use the Internet. He allegedly told his elderly father that Twitter was how to search things on Google, and these are the hilarious results:

what happened yesterday?

— Norman N. (@oldmansearch) October 22, 2011

the newest vegetable

— Norman N. (@oldmansearch) August 24, 2011

how many ants are there?

— Norman N. (@oldmansearch) June 16, 2014

is gangnam style spicy?

— Norman N. (@oldmansearch) September 12, 2012

canister of olympic pool water for gift

— Norman N. (@oldmansearch) August 6, 2012

why cant i tickle myself?

— Norman N. (@oldmansearch) August 13, 2012

a mitt romney limerick please

— Norman N. (@oldmansearch) May 18, 2012

cologne that smells like paper

— Norman N. (@oldmansearch) May 15, 2012

has anybody ever been named onion?

— Norman N. (@oldmansearch) March 10, 2012