Mini Jambox Offers Multiplay Because Music Is Better With Friends

Take note, Summer parties can't start until someone agrees to play DJ, and Jawbone is making those duties shareable with an update to its ultraportable speaker line, the Mini Jambox. A free firmware update now lets Mini Jambox owners connect two devices to double sound, separate audio into stereo, and share music selection duties from the Jawbone app.

Jawbone calls this speaker syncing (which can also be found with competitors like the Beats Pill) Multi Play. Once the Multi Play firmware is downloaded, press and hold the three buttons at the top of each Mini Jambox — they'll then search for and connect to the other one. This initiates unison audio, basically amplifying whatever's being played. Switch to stereo sound by pressing and holding the volume up and volume down buttons on one of the speakers.

The ability to share music control responsibilities with another user via their Bluetooth device and the Jawbone app (available for both Android and iOS devices) is what sets the Mini Jambox apart from other pairable wireless speakers. Don't like the song your fellow DJ picked? Press play on a different song and hear it stream to both speakers instantly.

In honor of the Multi Play update, the price of the Mini Jambox has been cut for a limited time to $130, down from $180. Jawbone also introduced two Mini Jambox carrying case options ($30 each) this week as well — they'll protect the speaker anywhere you take it.

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How to Multi Play Two Mini Jamboxes