Shh! 3 Creative Uses For Pinterest's "Secret Boards"

Keeping gift ideas under wraps is hard enough as it is — then throw social media into the mix, and you've got a potential disaster. Thankfully, Pinterest, the inspiration destination, has secret boards that keep pins private and gift ideas away from prying eyes. The company is now allowing six secret boards (instead of three) and launching a new iPad app that's iOS 8-ready.

Users can create several secret boards, and existing boards can't be privatized, but users can invite others to view and contribute to secret boards. We also tested whether a repin onto a secret board would show up in the original pin's social stats, and, no, secret repins do not appear anywhere except your secret board (phew). Take secret boards for a spin by going to your Boards page, scrolling down to the bottom (you'll see the secret boards dashboard in gray), and then start secretly pinning!

If you need some holiday pinspiration for secret boards aside from gift planning, think: a wish list between you and your main squeeze, upcoming holiday party outfits, or decoration ideas for the New Year's Eve bash you're hosting.

Read on for three more ways to take advantage of Pinterest's private boards.

  • Professional ideas: Maybe you're a freelancer and you just saw a creative twist on business cards, or you're collecting ideas to market an event or a project. Start a business-minded board for your eyes only.
  • Getaway vacation for girlfriends: Pin images of a destination and activities for a getaway vacation, then surprise your girlfriends or loved ones by inviting them to the board.
  • Planning a nursery, without announcing your pregnancy: If it's not the right time to tell the world about the bun in the oven just yet, then secret boards are the perfect way to start designing a nest for your little one without breaking the news to friends and family.

What will you pin to your secret board?