Polaroid Is Bringing Back These Iconic Cameras Because It's Basically 1996 Again

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If you truly are living for '90s nostalgia, Polaroid has the best news for you. The incredible Polaroid 96 Cam is back. As first reported by Bustle, these iconic versions of the 600 Polaroid camera celebrate everything you know and love from two decades ago. You know, back when "The Macarena" was No. 1 on the Billboard 100. No, really.

Instead of using apps to get that Polaroid, "filtered" appearance, go back to the real thing. Put down your smartphone and pick up one of these fun cameras. The 96 Cam comes in two styles: Jazz Red and Fresh Blue, each giving off the familiar party vibes of the mid-1990s.

Keep scrolling to shop the two cameras, plus the film that works best for the 96 Cam. Whether you're planning a decades party or simply want to capture memories in a familiar way, you won't want to wait on claiming one of these for yourself.