Google Brought Back Some of Its Most Popular Doodle Games, and We Know What We're Doin' Tonight

Google has the cure for any boredom you're experiencing right now. The popular search engine, which is also known for its incredible Google Doodles that coincide with holidays and events, is reviving 10 of the most popular Google Doodle games from over the years. It started rolling them out at the end of April, and soon all 10 will be available to play while you enjoy quiet time at home. You can try your hand at coding a path for a rabbit to eat carrots from or make beautiful music that also paints a pretty picture.

To play the games, just go to and click on the current Doodle. It'll take you to a search page of popular Google Doodle games. The module at the top will show you all the games available to play, which should definitely keep you busy for awhile. Right now there are eight available and two coming soon. So set aside your most recent puzzle, grab a drink, and start playing!

  1. Halloween 2016: Banish ghosts with quick mouse clicks.
  2. Coding: Give your bunny instructions to collect carrots along a path.
  3. Cricket: You and your little cricket friend can play a virtual game of cricket together.
  4. Fischinger: Click on spaces on the screen to make a visual piece of music.
  5. Rockmore: Follow examples to re-create beautiful melodies.
  6. Garden Gnome: Launch your gnome across a field to plant flowers.
  7. Scoville: Help spicy peppers chill out by throwing ice cream at them.
  8. Lotería: Try your luck with this game of chance.