Your Reddit Addiction Is About to Finally Pay Off

Good news, Redditors! You just might be seeing some money in your pocket very soon. The site's lead investor, Sam Altman, and CEO Yishan Wong announced that they will be sharing 10 percent of the $50 million in funding they raised with community members. All of the content on the website is generated by Reddit users, after all.

So how is this money going to be given out? Well, they haven't figured that part out yet, but apparently they have a few ideas. Altman told Re/code that Reddit is considering creating a distribution system based on "the block chain," which is more commonly known as the public accounting system for Bitcoin. The site wants to give back to its community, since all of its value has been generated by the users themselves — and we're liking that idea.

Do you think the new give-back system for Reddit will roll out smoothly?