The Prettiest Harry Potter Book Covers in All the Universe

Someone grab my inhaler, because graphic design student Kincso Nagy reimagined the entire Harry Potter series like never before for her final university project. Die-cut covers, interactive pop-outs throughout, and expanding trifolds only scratch the surface of the redesigned books. There are some seriously drop-dead gorgeous illustrations that bring Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest, 4 Privet Drive, and all of the wizarding world's most beloved characters to life. And the beauty doesn't stop there. Potterheads, there's a special surprise awaiting you when the lights go off. Watch the magic unfold before you in the gallery!

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OMG, HOGWARTS! A 3D pop-up and details galore perfectly capture the most prestigious college of wizardry.

A cleverly placed cut-out illustrates the Invisibility Cloak perfectly.

An expanding panoramic trifold is exactly what these books needed. Trying to stop myself from a Forbidden Forest-induced anxiety attack.

There are no words to describe the absolute perfection that is Kincso's minimalist, harrowing illustrations. Love how they bleed over the binding!

. . . And the greatest surprise of all!

. . . And the greatest surprise of all!

BOOM! The lights go off, and the covers glow in the dark. Officially obsessed. You are the (other) Chosen One, Kincso.