Someone at Domino's Has a Future in Marketing, Plus More of the Week's Best Pics

What do you get when you mix a very sad Kanye West, an inappropriate text from dad, a snarky Domino's sign, and a Star Wars escalator? The best photos of the week, duh! Check 'em out (plus more hilarious pictures), just as they were captioned on Imgur. What are you waiting for? Source: Reddit user melissaslee via Imgur

"Some unethical life hacks." Source: Reddit user Jamarcuz via Imgur

"Found it in a random zip-lining office in the middle of Mexico. They took it, and I don't think it's ever been online . . . " Alternative caption: Kanye West couldn't look any less excited about zip-lining. Source: Reddit user loltatz via Imgur

"The top 20 responses to 217 wrong number texts." Source: Imgur user thisishappening

"Best dog toy ever." Source: Reddit user ockerus via Imgur

"This (almost) made shopping worth it." Source: Reddit user The_Doctor_Professor via Imgur

"How to parent." Source: Imgur user 01010100011010000110

"She lives in someone's locket." Source: Reddit user tied_muse via Imgur

"Just took a math final with this on the wall of the exam room. It has formulas on it that were needed in the exam. This poster got me an extra 10 percent on the paper." Source: Reddit user via Imgur

"Sick of your sh*t, Siri . . . " Source: Reddit user zakrak4 via Imgur

"This guy's lunch made it on the subway without him." Source: Reddit user GrabsWomensTits_Ass via Imgur

"Today was my first day returning to work from two-plus months of disability leave, and the first thing my computer does is give me sh*t." Source: Imgur user Tyrranotron