This "What Is the Internet, Anyway" Ad Wins the Super Bowl

We've come a really, really long way. BMW's Super Bowl ad is throwing things back to a time when the Internet was just a newfangled idea by spoofing a famously viral 1994 clip starring NBC Today hosts Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel. BMW invited the two to remix the '90s gem into a commercial promoting the i3 electric car, set to air during Sunday's big game.

In the hilarious original video, the hosts are completely perplexed by the "@" symbol. Here's what Bryant said, verbatim: "I wasn't prepared to translate that. That little 'a' with a ring around it." He continues, "What is the Internet, anyway?!" Katie probes further: "Allison [her producer, presumably], can you explain what Internet is?"

We are beside ourselves. It is just SO GOOD.