Superhero Fans: This Incredible Prom Picture Might Just Be Your Kryptonite

Prom season has only just begun, but we may have already seen the best group photo ever. A group of high schoolers from Arkansas showed off their matching, geek-chic superhero ensembles.

BN Focus Photography in Greenwood, AR, recently shared a photo of the teenagers posing in color-coordinated outfits with their male dates sporting t-shirts emblazoned with the logo of their corresponding superhero — from Batman to the Green Lantern to Captain America. The photo is below.

Understandably, the hilarious (and supercute!) photo has since gone viral, racking up over 270,000 shares and 347,000 reactions on Facebook thus far.

We love how this group put a creative spin on the event, which can typically seem so formal and tradition-ridden, and we hope it serves as a much-needed reminder to not take these types of fun milestones so seriously!