The Nintendo Power Glove of the '90s Is Not a Hit With Today's Teens

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If you were a product of the '90s, then you might know a lil' somethin' about the Nintendo Power Glove, the handheld controller for the NES. Let's be honest: the Power Glove kind of sucked, and it wasn't sold for very long. The Fine Bros. team behind the "Kids React" and "Teens React" videos decided to put a Glove in front of this generation's teens.

They've grown up with the most advanced consoles of our time . . . how would they react to a beloved Nintendo failure? Some of our favorite quips: "It's like the first Wii." "It's the Wii before the Wii." "It's the past future!" Relive your childhood and see what these kiddos had to say about this gaming accessory.

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