Thanks to the "Texting Slouch," Our Generation Has Bad Spines

Source: POPSUGAR Photography
Source: POPSUGAR Photography

It had to happen someday — science was bound to uncover major health problems that result from texting. But now that Surgical Technology International is reporting the actual damage wrought on spinal cords by the body's posture when texting, it's starting to get scary. According to a study by back surgeon Kenneth Hansraj, the damage incurred by peering down at a cell phone screen is equal to placing a 60-pound weight around your neck.

Source: Surgical Technology

The Atlantic reports that this weight is equivalent to six plastic bags of groceries, four bowling balls, or even an 8-year-old child. That sure doesn't sound great for the neck! By looking down at your cell phone, you're subjecting your spinal cord to serious damage . . . so it's time to make some changes. Try holding your phone up to eye level rather than slouching to see the screen, or download iMessage to your desktop computer instead of texting.

Little changes like these will reduce the time your back spends slouched, which could save you from pain, degeneration, and even surgeries in future years. Try something new for your spine's sake!